Capturing logs from a browser (SPA)

I wondered if anyone had any good patterns or advice on collecting logs from a single-page application (SPA) running in user browsers and getting them into Elasticsearch? I guess one approach might be to post AJAX to a /logs endpoint on our backend.

Hi @Matt_Russell,

that sounds like a sensible approach, especially since it doesn't leak sensitive customer information to third-party services. This is a particularly useful property since it is less likely to be blocked by privacy-enhancing browser plugins and doesn't require additional legal data processing agreements. (I'm not a legal expert though, so please don't take this as legal advice. Your legal council and data protection officer should be involved in designing this.)

There are a few features that could improve the UX and DX such as buffering/batching the submissions in general while immediate flushing to server for error logs.

If you opt to implement something like that for yourself, I would recommend taking a look at the Elastic Common Schema to guide your design. That will make correlation with other log sources, e.g. from filebeat a lot easier down the road.

I'd be interested to hear what approach you decide on. :wink:

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