Case insensitive keyword Search Kibana 5.4.1

(Louie Hernandez) #1

Is this possible?

I've tried something like this in the Dev Tools.

I know the Data Table only displays aggregations, but is there a way to make the Data Table visualization case Insensitive?

(Joe Fleming) #2

Kibana shouldn't be doing anything special to the query when it's made, so whatever you query should be sent to Elasticsearch directly, and the response is what Kibana uses.

So the search should be case-insensitive here. Are you saying that values being displayed on the table vis (or any vis really) includes all case variations of the resulting data? Can you maybe share an example visualization?

(Louie Hernandez) #3

Sorry I meant to say Elastic Search for the topic not kibana.

I have four search fields, each looking at a different column. I tried using a normalizer, but I don't want my columns to be altered and be made all lowercase. I basically want to search with my fields being case insensitive.

(Joe Fleming) #4

If you're using the lowercase analyzer, then it should work as you expect it to. That should be all it takes. Are you seeing different results when you search with and without upper case letters?

(system) #5

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