Case Insensitive search in kibana dahboard


I created dashboard with some visualization and add filters on it.
But these are case sensitive.
Is it possible to search with lower or upper case. For exam Adam name searchable from Adam or adam or aDaM.


Whether search is case sensitive or insensitive is a configuration of the index mapping in Elasticsearch, more specifically the "analyzer": Built-in analyzer reference | Elasticsearch Guide [8.4] | Elastic

It works like this: If a document is indexed into Elasticsearch, the text value is run through the analyzer which is transforming the string in various ways. The resulting string is what's actually put in the index. When searching on the field, the search term is run through the very same analyzer.

So for searches to be case insensitive the analyzer neeeds to lowercase all words. The standard analyzer does that already, so you are probably searching on a keyword field at the moment

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