Case Insensitive search kibana

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I'm trying to do a use case where in I'm integrating my kibana dashboard in extenal web ui through iframe,following this I'm providing search functionality,the challenge that is faced is -Search result are case sensitive.
Ex: If searched "Read",Idle it shows correct as this exists,but when searched "read" it don't show.
Now this search is applied to entire dashboard with various visualization.

In Index template I've defined keyword for some text and I'm aware it does "exact " match.Text searches does case insensitive search.But there are times when keywords are searched ,but are required to be case insensitive.
what could be possible way?Can aggregation could be done on simple text?,the reason to define keywords for search is need to aggregate but this now cause problem during search.

Can someone plz suggest how this can be achived ,does the way is to use analyzer or custom analyzer for this?...How can this be achived through anayzer ?

@abdon Can you please suggest something on this to achieve desired outcome?


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