Cat plugins output explanation

(Sundar V) #1


What does the columns type and isolation mean in the cat plugins output.

Also why do some plugins show url and some don’t.

> # curl 'localhost:9200/_cat/plugins?v'
> name    component       version        type isolation url
> Abraxas cloud-azure     2.2.0-SNAPSHOT j    x
> Abraxas lang-groovy     2.2.0          j    x
> Abraxas lang-javascript 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT j    x
> Abraxas marvel          NA             j/s  x         /_plugin/marvel/
> Abraxas lang-python     2.2.0-SNAPSHOT j    x
> Abraxas inquisitor      NA             s              /_plugin/inquisitor/
> Abraxas kopf            0.5.2          s              /_plugin/kopf/
> Abraxas segmentspy      NA             s              /_plugin/segmentspy/

(David Pilato) #2

Some plugins have site feature (will be removed in next major version though).

Type means jvm and or site plugin (will be removed)

Isolation means that the classloader of a plugin should not see other plugins classloader. Only applies to jvm plugins.

(Nik Everett) #3

Type is either site or jvm. Site plugins are just elasticsearch being a
simple web server. Jvm plugins change the behavior. Isolation = false is a
hack to let plugins communicate with one another. It means they aren't in
their own classloader. It's discouraged/deprecated.

(system) #6