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Hi all!!

I'm using ES and I have been add many elastic and filebeats to control the differents outputs (the separation is for microservice) but is possible know if the differents filebeats are up using Kibana?

thanks for all!

hmm, can you explain more clearly what you are looking for ? What kind of visualization you're trying to make? A Date Histogram Line Chart? Area chart? Other?

Maybe you could show some example data you have and describe how you want to view it in Kibana using filebeat ?



First of all thanks for the answer. I will try to explain me better :slight_smile:

My first problem is that I would like see all the information of my differents nodes, clusters in a unique page. With the verion 6.7 of Kibana I have this image of monitoring:

I have been added a remote cluster and when I write the sentence of: _remote/info, I have the information of these nodes but I would like have it in the monitoring, is possible?

The problem with the filebeats is that is running like a service but I don't know if is possible get the information about if is alive using the kibana. My fear is that Filebeats down and how could I know it.

I have been talking about monitoring but I don't know if is possible do a visualization when this information is not a index.

Thanks for all.

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