Filebeat Monitor app (Visualize or Tail)

Sorry i'm new to the elasticstack, but bear with me

I'm trying to setup ES-Kibana-Filebeat for Java application logs processing

The specific log files i'm trying to visualize aren't one of the log types with modules

They look like this(This is just an example):

2021-8-19 18:20:43.124 L Starting JMX Shell Server
Thread: localhost-startStop-1:

2021-8-19 18:20:43.124 L Starting Thread system
Thread: localhost-startStop-1:

2021-8-19 18:23:12.135 U [.APPNAME] added driver <etc...>
Thread: "APPNAME" startup:

Now what i've done is use Filebeat's mutliline patttern and indexed them in ES, but when i try to visualize the messages i can't

How do i monitor these kinds of logs using ES-Kibana-Filebeat?
Can they be visualized or tailed? and how?

Is using filestream a good way to tail them? As these logs will be written by the app constantly and i need to visualize them or tail them for monitoring

Any help is appreciated, i would be happy to provide any other details

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Can you provide more information about this, you can't why exactly?


I suggest you look at this

And here's our equivalent of tailing a log file it's log streaming and it's pretty cool

Thank you!

Well when i got to kibana and try to create a visualization, the message field is not there so i can't pick it.

I read about it and apparently it's not aggregatable , what i want is just to monitor this specific kind of logfiles, and display them or tail them to monitor the application. It might be a simple solution but i haven't figure it out yet.

Alright i'll check them out thank you so much

If you go under the log streaming settings you can pick the fields that you want to show.

Here I added a field I wanted to see

Then in the actual log stream app you can filter using a KQL. So then you'll only see logs that meet that criteria I it display the fields you want

Also you can basically do the same thing and Discover and just set a refresh rate of 10 seconds.

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