Log viewing Elastic stack

Hello there,

I would like to explore the possibility of log viewing through Elastic stack.

I understand that I can use filebeat in order to do that but I already have logs that I would like to view in kibana dashboard but they are in .txt format. I believe that we need excel format for log files right?

Please let me know. Any help would be appreciated.


If you ingest your logs with filebeat then they are in Kibana and can be viewed. It doesn't have to be in excel.

Hey aaron-nimocks,

thanks for helping me through this.

quick question, what if I already have a lot of logs for the system and I just need filebeat to pick logs from a specific location. is that possible?


There is an ignore older option, yes.

Okay. let me look into it. Thanks Aaron.

Appreciate your help!

Hello, I have one more question, I understand the process of setting up logs location in filebeat.yml file and then create index in kibana and then view logs from dashboard.

what if I have more than one location from where l need to pick logs and then create index to view them. how i am supposed to do that?

please let me know!


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