Change background color and text conditionally - OpenSearch Dashboard

I want to build a very simple visualization based on Count aggregation to be added to a dashboard. This visualization should look just like this:


This text and background should change between OK/NOK based on a condition. Example: Set background to [red] and text to ["NOK"] if metric is [less than] [1].

Can anyone please advise me which component can achive this type of conditional formatting? I've tryied with TSVB Metric which I can easily change the background color, but not the text.

I appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Opensearch is an aws product and you will need to ask them about support sorry.

Thank you @warkolm for your response.

I wonder how would this be done in Kibana then. Do you have any advise?

If I remember correctly, some similar features are coming to Kibana 8.1+ in the Lens visualization.

May be ask in #elastic-stack:kibana?

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