Change colour of Metric Visualization for Percentile ranks aggregation


Kibana: 7.9.3
We are using metric visualization to get percentile ranks. Based on the percentage, I am trying to change colour of the background from Green to Red. But the color remains the same for any Ranges I give in the Options. Is there a way I can get the background colour to change like below?
Green (>95%)
Red (<95%)
Attaching a screenshot for reference.

Please let me know if additional details are necessary from my side?


percentage values go from 0 to 1 - try to use 0 to 0.95 and 0.96 to 1 instead

Thank you so much. That worked.
I thought only if the Options of Percentage mode was selected we set the range from 0-1.

Thanks very much again.


Hello @flash1293

Sorry to reopen this discussion. I'm also trying to replace all the test below the values 'Confirm Shipment - Percentile rank 30 of "duration" SLO with a custom Label like Confirm Shipment - SLO, but doesn't work. How do I do that?
This is what my Metric and Bucket tabs look like this:
Custom label in Buckets

Could you please help me sort this out??


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