Change default index name for marvel.agent.exporters


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In reference to, we have following marvel.agent.exporters config to change the time format suffix for marvel indices

        time_format: <string>              # time format suffix for marvel indices (default: "YYYY.MM.dd")

But, what if I also wish to change the name of index or add a prefix. The default name is something like marvel-es-YYYY.MM.dd. Isn't there any way to change [marvel-es] to something else or add a prefix to it like x-marvel-es-YYYY.MM.dd ?

I have a single ES node and multiple marvel agents (say x,y,z) pushing to the same ES node. This I wish to have separate index name suffix for each agent. X, Y and Z each will be monitoring different set of ES indices. So, I wish to achieve index naming convention like

X => X-marvel-es-YYYY.MM.dd
Y => Y-marvel-es-YYYY.MM.dd
Z => Z-marvel-es-YYYY.MM.dd

Is there a way to change the name of the default marvel index
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Hi @girirajsharma,

Unfortunately, you found the only mechanism for renaming an index: by adding a suffix (the data string can include constants). Importantly, this also does not do anything to impact the name of the .marvel-es-data-1 index.

What are you trying to use different indices to achieve that doesn't get achieved in the same index?


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