Node names missing after upgrading ES and Marvel to 2.1, KB to 4.3.0

Node name seems to be falling back to node unique ID now... Any particular log I should be looking at?

I also have this issue. I can see the node names fine in other plugins such as kopf but in marvel the node name is the UID.

In Marvel 2.1, we began tracking node names in a slightly different way, which allows us to show historic data much more easily/accurately. The data from Marvel 2.0 doesn't have this additional information, so data collected with Marvel 2.0 will display node IDs, rather than names. Please make sure that the cluster being monitored is running ES 2.1 and Marvel 2.1 (the correct version will be installed if you run bin/plugin install marvel-agent).

Let me know if that solves the issue here

Hello all. Thanks for the response.

I have scripted the bin/plugin remove license; bin/plugin remove marvel-agent; bin/plugin install license; bin/plugin install marvel-agent to my rolling update script on the individual ES nodes. As a sanity check, I've verified that the jar under plugins/marvel-agent is indeed marvel-agent-2.1.0.jar for each node. I also notice that the data in .marvel-es-* do not contain any field for the node name.

Could it be that the new agent is collecting the additional data for node name, but it can't ship to ES due to type conflict?

Indeed, we changed the index template in 2.1. Can you try deleting the .marvel-es-data and .marvel-es-2015-11-25 indexes and see if that solves the problem?

Deleting .marvel-es-data didn't help (but might have contributed). Deleting the most recent dated index did the trick! I must have upgraded right after the index rolled to the next day. This probably would have gone away after 24 hours when the new dated index is created.

Thanks a lot, Steve. Wasn't a big deal but was bugging me that I couldn't figure out the problem.

Great, I'm glad that did the trick! We'll be updating the docs around this to make it more clear in the future :slight_smile:

I had the same issue, so I also deleted the last dated index to solve this. But now I have 2 nodes showing up (one offline, one online)! While I only have one single box running. Both nodes have UID names. How do I solve this?

You need to delete .marvel-es-data as well. I believe that index holds the header fields for Marvel.

Heeeeyyyyyy, it's back! Many thanks!!

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