Change field names in kibana

Is it possibl to change the names of field that come from elasticsearch, in kibana ??
Also in the filters I dont want to see _index, _type can we remove it?

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You should be able to hide _type, _index and a few others by editing the following advanced setting.

You cannot rename fields, but it is possible is some cases to create a scripted field (configured under the Index Pattern) which serves as an alias of the original field. Note, that scripted fields are not available in Timelion or Visual Builder.

Ideally it would be possible to define a "Display Name" for each field in the Index Pattern configuration. However that is not possible at the moment. It would however allow for visualizations and dashboards to be much more user friendly, especially when displaying a saved search.

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Thanks so much Robert for the quick reply.
Just started using the product and it seems amazing.

The scripted field thing does not seem to take effect. can you share an example please?

I think with scripted fields the suggestions in drop down dont work?

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