How do i rename a scripted field in kibana?

(Kavya Sabu) #1

Is there a way i can change only the name of a scripted field? I'm using Kibana 4.3.0. For eg. I want to rename Bytes Read(GB) to Bytes Read. When i click on edit field, it doesn't allow name changes.

(Jim Unger) #2

@KavyaS there isn't a way to rename a scripted field. It does seem like a missing piece of functionality. I suggest re-creating the scripted field using the new name and removing the old one. Is there something about your use case that would make that a bad solution?

(Kavya Sabu) #3

Well, if i have used the same scripted field in many graphs then deleting that field would cause an error in all those graphs. I'll again have to make changes to them which is time consuming . It would be nice if changing the field name, the changes get updated in all graphs automatically.

(system) #4