How to change the display name of elastic field in kibana dashboard?

We are facing the following two issues in Kibana(v7.6) while creating a dashboard:

  1. How to change the display name of field in kibana. Usually in elastic search we have created fields like docketNo,bookingDate,actualWeight,eDD etc.
    If we change the above fields with scripted fields to just sake for display then it is not advisable to use too many scripted fields which results in slow down the performance.

  2. If we create the display name using scripted fields and used in "Search table" then there will be sorting issue on text fields.

To overcome the above issues, need your kind support.

Hi @ramishish,

Unfortunately at the moment scripted field is the only option. There's a PR open that does exactly what you need, it will probably be released in the upcoming version 7.11.

Thanks for your kind reply. Hope this will be taken care in upcoming version.

I've got good news for you, it will be part of 7.11

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