How to change field names in Kibana?

I am currently storing values directly to Elastic Search. When I search for the log, I get this in Kibana

How can I change the field name from Payload_session -> SessionID.

I know this can be achieved using logstash. But since, I am using ES and Kibana only, is there a way to update this field name?

Hi Sameer,

This is not currently possible in Kibana. There is an issue requesting this functionality here;

But note that you can change the axis labels in visualizations now, so if you're charting Payload_sessionID you can change the name of that axis to SessionID.


Thanks lee. I know in the visualization i can have custom labels. But i really wanted to change field names.

Is there any other option for me ?

Hi Sameer,

If you're a JavaScript developer I think you could write a plugin that would let you change the name you see in Kibana.

For help on that I would use the IRC channel; we're in #kibana on freenode.