Rename a field value in Kibana

I have a use case where there are certain values in a field and I want to basically rename them to something that I want.

Example Field Name Appliance_IPAddress= , On the dashboard display for a table or pie chart I want it to look like "US-CALIFORNIA_FIREWALL_APPLIANCE.

I need to understand where I can use the mutate filter - can I do this under Edit Visualization object or should this be done somewhere else ? The document says mutate filter is a plugin, is this available with latest version of kibana which we are using ?

The mutate filter is a Logstash plugin so you'd have to us it before the data reaches Elasticsearch (and visualized with Kibana). I don't think you can change the displayed name of fields in Kibana only.

Not yet, no.

Thanks, is there a way that these will be facilitated in the future through kibana, We are trying to compare with Splunk and it is quite useful to use a query syntax to achieve this on the front end application.

Yes it is on our roadmap.