Change limit on max. number of spaces for Elastic Cloud SaaS deployment


We are evaluating Elastic's managed cloud service for a big project.
We would like to assign a personal Kibana Space for each user. We would have approx. 20k users.
I created a trial account with Elastic and Kibana deployed to test some scenarios.

I know there's an artificial limit on number of spaces, which is set to 1000 by default.
Following this article, I am trying to increase the limit:

But it seems, the setting xpack.spaces.maxSpaces is not allowed to be set on Kibana SaaS.
The edit deployment page throws an error that this setting is not allowed:

Can this setting be changed on Elastic's cloud service?
Is this a limitation of trial account?

(I think there's a whitelist of allowed settings here: I can see that maxSpaces setting is not in this list. But I want to confirm anyway.)

I suspect this is a question you need to ask Elastic Cloud support.

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