How many kibana spaces are recommended?

Hi, We run around 200+ microservices. We wanted to create application dashboards from metrics scraped from individual services. We are wondering if we can have 200+ spaces for all micro service team so that microservice team see only dashboard from thier service. Is it something okay to do? Is there any better approach to do this?

Per the setting : Max # of spaces defaults to 1000.

The maximum amount of Spaces that can be used with this instance of Kibana. Some operations in Kibana return all spaces using a single _search from Elasticsearch, so this must be set lower than the index.max_result_window in Elasticsearch. Defaults to 1000 .

Have you also explored the idea of dashboard only user kibana_dashboard_only_user does not grant access to any data indices, so you have to create a separate role with read access to the indices used on the dashboard and also assign in to the user.

It's the third step outlined in

Using the kibana_dashboard_only_user role is deprecated from 7.4.0 onwards. Use feature privileges instead if you upgrade to 7.4 you should check out Kibana privileges | Kibana Guide [7.15] | Elastic

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Is it okay to create say all 1000 spaces? Is there any performance impact?

The spaces themselves don’t have much of a performance impact. The more important question is how many concurrent users you have, and how many saved objects you store in each space. That impacts the performance .


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