Change MAP regions according to search criteria

(Nikhil Kumar Kadayinti) #1

Is there a way i can see the change the world map zoom/move to the specific city/country/town, according to the search query provided

ex: A basic earthquake data map: Default shows the whole World

  1. I wish to see the values only pertaining to JAPAN OR
  2. when i filter to see data only for a one type of earthquakes (which only happens in US) - The map should automatically move only to USA or zoom over USA instead showing the whole world which has no data.

Is this possible currently in Kibana?

(Peter Pisljar) #2

not with one click, but its possible with two clicks:

  • apply the filter
  • click the "fit to databounds" icon on map, which will zoom in to the area where your data points are

(Nikhil Kumar Kadayinti) #3

Hello ppisljar!

I was looking for data-bounding automatically : found the query parameter to dashboard URL solution.

ALSO, as a continuation to this question:

Are there any other tile maps that we can use instead of the default elastic maps (open street)
please suggest. I have looked all around and found none. paid wms service is also fine provided Kibana supports it. (Ariel view maps)


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