General Kibana Questions

(Wayne Taylor) #1

Hi All,

I have some general Kibana questions and sorry if they've been asked before:

  1. For a tile map. I have location with my geopoint information. Right now if I have a heatmap and hover over a specific point it gives me the long and lat information. Is it possible to repoint that to say a field source in your elastic document? e.g. lets say an origin or destination value

  2. Is it possible to have multiple geopoint values in the same document? Assuming so? Right now I am using Logstash with my POC importing our sales data and an external dictionary of a key value mapped to the geo coordinates. Our sales data includes where the sale occured and where the customer is flying too

  3. Without the current zoom in option at the end of tile map is it possible to select a value and zoom in? If so how?

Thanks and sorry for all the questions.


(Mark Walkom) #2
  1. No but it's an interesting idea, please feel free to raise a feature request for it
  2. Yep! You can only map one per tile map though.
  3. How would you select a zoom value though?

(Wayne Taylor) #3

Point 1: Thanks, I've raised issue for the enhancement
Point 2: Thanks, I will amend my template and logstash configuration
Point 3: Just like in google maps today, you have a pin and you can double click on it and it will continue zooming in for each click. With Kibana the tile map would react as you click on each data point.

(Mark Walkom) #4

You can double click the map now and it'll zoom in.

(Wayne Taylor) #5

Yes, but not if you've selected heatmap square for example :slightly_smiling:

(Lee Drengenberg) #6

Hi Wayne,

I'm able to double-click on the map to zoom in on a Tile Map with the heatmap Map Type option. Is that not working for you, or did I misunderstand what you're trying to do?

But another way is to use the black square icon on the Tile Map to draw a rectangle around the place you want to zoom in on, and then click the "Fit Data Bounds" icon. That will zoom you in to the area you selected.


(Wayne Taylor) #7

Hi Lee,

I can double click on it on a non-shaded area/circle/square. However, if i have a data point on the map, the map doesn't drill down.


(Lee Drengenberg) #8

Hi Wayne,

Which browser are you using? And have you tried others? I tried with Firefox latest version, Chrome, and IE 11 and I can double-click on data points on the map all the way to the closest zoom level.


(Lee Drengenberg) #9

Ohhhh, are you using the "Shaded Geohash Grid"? Now I see that I can't double-click on those squares to zoom in. In fact, it seems that ONLY the "Heatmap" option works for me. Seems like a bug. I'll file it.

Can you please confirm that if you go into the Tile Map options and select "Heatmap" you can indeed double-click on shaded areas to zoom in?


(Wayne Taylor) #10

Thanks Lee, yes, I can confirm the issues you reported in the github report is the problems I am having.

Thank you for submitting :slightly_smiling:

(system) #11