Kibana tile maps

Is it possible to join two data points in kibana tile maps , just like showing routes between two points in google maps.
Is it possible to fetch data from elastic search by giving a field name in kibana.

It isn't currently possible to join two data points in tile maps, you're welcome to file an enhancement request with your use case at

Regarding the second question, are you saying you only want the data for certain fields and not the entire document to show? On the discover page you can add fields to show up in the table, by clicking the add button that appears when hovering over fields:

Thank you for the reply. That was not my second question. For example if my data base has an attribute or field name say "vehicleid". Now i want to retrieve data from elasticsearch for a particular vehicleid (say vehicleid = A1234) . Is that possible?

Ah, thanks for clarifying. Yes that can be done.

One option, using the search bar:

Another option, clicking on the magnify class icon in a document to add a filter:

Thanks a lot.