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I'm new to ELK and trying to explore Kibana.
So far, I've read that it is not possible to join two indices so I'm trying to join two types under the same index.

Suppose, there is an index(Company) having two types in it: department and employee which share a common field i.e. deptId

department :

deptId deptName
1001 HR
1002 Finance
1003 Admin


empId empName depltId
1 Ron 1002
2 Nancy 1003
3 Tara 1001

I would like to know, if is it possible to display records as following, within the same visualization in Kibana:

empId empName depltName
1 Ron Finance
2 Nancy Admin
3 Tara HR

Thanks in advance.

It is not possible as that is still a join.

Thanks Mark, but is there any work around or any kibana plugin available?

Have you considered denormalising your data?

Unfortunately that option is not possible, as we would be matching patients genome data with reference genome data, which is very huge to denormalize.

If you describe you data and what you are trying to achieve in greater detail, rather that trying to illustrate this with greatly simplified examples, you may get better and more relevant responses.

we are trying to import genomic data(in GBs) and reference genome data(in GBs) in elastic search, and then display matching records by using a common column.
Result would be the genomic variation of user's data from reference data(annotation), which can be interpreted as a disease, reaction, etc.
Here, reference genome data is kind of static in nature.

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