Visualization complex

We have 2 tables from 2 index.

1er index: 'acl' and table 'name'
2eme databse :'content' and table 'desciprion'

In first database we have :

id | name |

X234 | john
d234 | paul

In 2nd database we have

ident | content
id=X234 | xxxxx
id=d234 | xxxxx
id=x234 | xxxxx

With kibana we want to do a pie chart which :

  • count where id = ident and he display in pie chart the 'name' ( john )

typically with this example the result is :

2 for john
1 for paul

and in the pie chart we display : John and paul with count 2 and 1

is it possible ?


Elasticsearch can't do joins, so the general recommendation here would be to denormalize your data when indexing it in ES if possible.

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