Single Tile Map from multiple geo_point fields

Hello elasticsearch / kibana gurus,

I have a requirement to display multiple geo_point type fields on a single kibana tile map, we're using Kibana 4.1.3.

When we set up the new Geo Coordinates bucket with Geohash Aggregation it currently only allows us to select one field, and any sub aggregations are done through chart splitting only.

So is there a way to combine multiple geo_point type fields so I can display/aggregate all of them on a single map? I tried to utilize the JSON Input field to pass in a new agg definition like:

"geohash_grid":{"field":"Location1, Location2"} or


but both of them didn't work as the geohas grid filter seems to only accept one field...

was also looking into to scripted fields but did not think that would work,

and also thought about combining all the geo_point fields into one array like location: [{43.23, 23.32}, {11.25, 32.42},....] but didn't think this would work either after reading the docs on accepted geo_point type formats.

any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,



I don't think this is possible today. Please feel free to comment on or +1 this enhancement: