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I am wondering if I can change the default world Map in Kibana, once I choose to make a new map visualization. Can I have a default country map instead of the whole world Map before I start the visualizations?

Thank you.

Hi @marrel

I think the only way to change the default map is to disable Elastic Map Service completely and add a different tile server. There are details for that procedure here. Still, I'm not sure if you want to change the map style or just the initial location of the view when you create a new map.

Could you please elaborate a bit more what is your use case and requirements?

Hello @jsanz. Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
I want to have a specific initial location of the map view when I create a new map. Not the whole world but a country view. Is this possible?

Not this map view:

This map view eg. Italy map view:

Because when I add a layer, and choose Select source then Documents, I do not know where my data are presented in the map.

So is there any automated way when I add a layer in the map, the map to automatically zoom in the region where my data are presented, in order not to search where are my data?

I'm afraid there's no configuration setting for an initial location. Feel free to create a feature request with full as much detail as possible on requirements.

If your documents use geo_point data type, then you can move the location to fit the data bounds

If the data is of type geo_shape, we will have the same feature on 7.8 release. In the same release we will also have a global fit to data button for all the layers.

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