How to change default center point and zoom level in Region Maps?

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I created Region Map to show states of US. By default, when I open a dashboard, the map always shows North Africa area and I should manually scroll the map to US. Is it possible to change the default center of the map in order to automatically focus on US with the specified zoom level?

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Hi @ICG,

sorry to hear that this causes you trouble. It is a known issue that will be fixed in versions 5.5.2 and 6.0 of Kibana.

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I should add that the expected behavior from 5.5.2 on is that the map opens at the same location that was centered when the map visualization is saved, as is already the case for coordinate maps.

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It works for Tile maps,but does not work for Region maps. I saved the Region map many times with the needed zoom and center point. But when I open it again, ot shows Africa.

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Yes, as I said, this is a bug which will be fixed in the upcoming 5.5.2 release. Sorry for that, but you won't have to wait long. :wink:

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