In kibana's coordinate map mode, how to set the China map as the default location instead of the world map?

Can the default area of the coordinate map be set to the specified position in kibana? The default is a world map. Can it be replaced with a map of China? Now I save a Visualize, and I need to re-specify the Visualize method every time I enter. Is there any other way?

There is no offical way to set the default map center and zoom. You can open an feature request if you want.

You could manually set the default values if you are comfortable messing around with a javascript file. In tile_map_vis set mapCenter and mapZoom to the desired defaults. Delete the optimize directory and restart kibana. Be sure to try this on a dev system and verify the changes before attempting on any operational systems.

really glad to receive your response,thank you.
I changed the mapCenter and mapZoom in the tile_map_vis.js file.

mapZoom: 5,
mapCenter: [32.97180377635759, 108.28125],

And deleted the optimize directory,But after restarting kibana, optimeze loads very slowly, not just in a few minutes.So that loading for an hour is not completed.I gave up the reload and will re-extract and copy the unused optimize file to use.
The result of the replacement is "Unable to retrieve the manifest from the tile service: status -1" and the map is blank.
Can I replace this with this?

Hi Nathan_Reese . I changed the tile_map_vis.js file, set the mapCenter and mapZoom is [32.97180377635759, 108.28125] and 5. delete the optimize file and restart kibana.

But, Jump to Visualize by the visualize of geoip.location in discover, the map display area has not changed. The same is true directly through Visuzlize.
How can I solve this problem? Looking forward to your reply。

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