Kibana: Map: How to set the default Latitude, Longitude and zoom factor?


I would like to find out if there is a way to set the current map : Latitude, Longitude and Zoom factor based on the ingested data.

I have created a map to map all the Geospatial field on the map; however, I find that the current base map coordinate is centered on a different location. I would like to find out if there is a way to change map coordinate : Latitude, Longitude and Zoom factor before showing all the Geospatial points.

Please find some screen shoot related to this problem. Thank you in advance for your help on this issue.



hi @Hung_M_Le

starting 7.8, you can use the Map Settings ( to specify how the map should startup.


A recent - but not yet released - improvement, will likely do what you need. You can specify if the map should start-up [EDIT] automatically zoom to the data when the filters change This enhancement will be part of a future release of Kibana.

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I need to amend my response. While you can enable the auto-fit behavior, so the map will automatically zoom to the data-location when the queries and filters change, it will not automatically startup at that location. That is a separate improvement which has not been completed .

My apologies for the confusion.

Hi Thomas

Thank you for your prompt response. It is very helpful to know that there is plan to release a new feature for " auto-fit to data bounds"). I think it will resolve my issue and provide the consistency for the map display that I am looking for.

If possible, can you let me know when we can expect the release for issue:


Again thank you for your help.



hi @Hung_M_Le

I don't really have exact dates. will be available at the next next minor, 7.10. Kibana is at 7.8 right now. 7.9 will be released soon. Usually, there's about 2-3 months between releases. is in the backlog. I would subscribe to that issue so you can follow up with the version-labels.

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