Automatically centre the map around a specified point by dropdown menu

Hi, There is a dropdown menu filter of ID's with each of them having different latitudes and longitudes on the map. Is there any way that I can centre the map around the specified point by clicking on the ID in the dropdown filter?

Here is the expression editor of the map shown below. Is there anything that I need to add there in order to allow the map to be automatically centered.

filters group="by-user"
| savedMap id="98c7fda0-491f-11ec-b5ab-fbc66f2b8ddf" center={mapCenter lat=51.471 lon=-1.60336 zoom=6.16} timerange={timerange from="now-1h" to="now-5m"}
| render

Click "Map settings" to open settings panel. Then under "navigation", check "Auto fit map to data bounds". Finally embed your map in a dashboard and add Control panel. Interacting with the control panel filter the dashboard for the select and the map will auto navigate to the location.

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