Kibana dashboard - coordinate map customization

Hi All,
we wants to customize coordinate map dashboard in Kibana. Requirement is if we filter dashboard data(Drag and select rectangle data on map) we want to get that filtered data should be auto zoomed as per map extents(Fit dashboard extents as filter applied). Please help me where we need to make changes.

Hi ,
There is already a zooming feature to do what you are describing, you just have to click a button to make it happen (vs it happening automatically)
So if the request is to have it automatically happen on filter, that would be an enhancement request
but it’s also possible that you also just haven’t noticed that button…
Its also worth noting from 6.5 there was a regression with this zooming feature when used within dashboards. Tt was fixed in 6.7 IIRC :

To file an Enhancement request :

hope this helps,

Thank you @rashmi for your response, we are looking for zoom automatically and we have tried with "fit data bounds" option after filtering data but that is taking complete data, instead of going with only filtered data to fit bounds. can help us if can make some changes to fit data bounds option only for filtered data.

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