How does Visualize's coordinate or region map limit the latitude and longitude of the default region?

The area displayed by Visualize's coordinate or region map by default is the world map. How can I narrow down to a specified latitude and longitude region?

I set mapCenter and mapZoom under tile_map_vis.js and delete the optimize directory. Restart kibana, but the map default area has not changed.

Save and use visualize by manually shrinking the visualize map. However, in the geoip.location option to jump to visualize, the map is still no change.

How do I implement changing the default latitude and longitude of the map to a custom area?

Hi there, are you building Kibana from source? If so, then after you edit tile_map_vis.js you need to rebuild and then re-run Kibana. Here are the instructions for creating a new build:

Manually adjusting the position and zoom of a map visualization will only affect that particular visualization and not new visualizations you subsequently create.

If you'd like the ability to set a default lat and lon for map visualizations (for example, in the Advanced Settings section), please create a feature request.


hi cj:
I used the decompression of the tar file and did not rebuild it. If I want to change completely, I must to rebuild kibana?
I have create a feature request before, it's Coordinate map set the display area range
What else can I do besides rebuilding kibana? Looking forward to your reply.
Thanks, Sun

Hi Sun, because that file you edited lives in source then, yes, the only way to re-run Kibana with your change would be to rebuild it. Other than submitting a feature request, you are also welcome to submit a pull request adding you desired feature.


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