Change monitoring index name for Kibana UI


I was wondering if it is possible to change the index (pattern) which Kibana uses for the UI under "Stack Monitoring". As far as I see we can already do this for filebeat (for Kibana) via monitoring.ui.logs.index so I was wondering if we can do exactly that for the cluster, nodes & index monitoring. As far as I understand it goes to .monitoring-es-* by default.

Backstory is that we would like to collect several metricbeat logs into different metricbeat indices with different ILM policies on a different cluster. As we can already specify a remote monitoring cluster configuring the index the UI reads from is the last missing piece.


Hi, @Agraphie_holidu,

I can confirm this index name is no longer configurable, and Stack Monitoring will always read from .monitoring-es-*.

Hi @mikecote,

thanks for your reply. As far as I see there are a couple of open PRs for changing this, right? E.g. this one [Monitoring] Ensure Stack Monitoring UI works with `metricbeat-*` indices by chrisronline · Pull Request #96205 · elastic/kibana · GitHub
So if this gets merged Kibana can read from metricbeat-*? However, that still means we can't change the name dynamically.

With everyone (sooner or later) moving to metricbeat now instead of internal monitoring, it makes sense to save the metrics in different indices if you have different clusters (to have different retention times e.g. or just a cleaner setup) and using a separate cluster for storing these indices.

Currently as far as I see it's a paid feature to monitor several clusters through one Kibana. Though we would not require this, we would just like to store metrics from different clusters in one cluster, but observe them from individual Kibanas.

Are there any plans to go down this way?

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