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Hi @all,
I have serveral ES-Cluster with xpack Monitoring installed. For our Production environment I won't store the Monitoring Index on the same ES-Cluster. So I configure "xpack.monitoring.exporters". But it is possible to change the name of the monitoring index? Because I have more than one Production Cluster and would like to store all Monitoring Index on the same Cluster. So it is necessary to have different Monitoring Index name. What about Kibana, it is possible to control with one Kibana app more than one Monitoring?
Thx for answer!!


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I dont think having a differently named monitoring index would be the best option here. Please note that when you do have all this monitoring data coming into one cluster. As you drill down/click under cluster and or nodes, the different names will be available to see in monitoring.

Look under todays monitoring data to see the different node names: GET .monitoring-es-6-2018.06.15/_search

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Hi Jymit Singh Khondhu, but it is possible to manage more than one Cluster with kibana when you use a free basic license? And what happens when Kibana runs with Version 6.x and the Es-Cluster is a mix of 5.x and 6.x?

(Jymit Singh Khondhu) #4 Under Monitoring > Multi stack monitoring support this does not all under a Basic free license, no.

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yes I found it. Thanks again :+1:

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