Change of X-axis and Y-axis fields values


I have data as follows

app_name,Microexecution,total_qty=80, price=1, net=0
app_name,Macroexecution,total_qty=20, price=5, net=15
legacy_name,profile,total_qty=80, price=3, net=0

I am able to parse the data and created a search and based on search I am able to create bar chart representing values as

Y-axis= min or max values of (Microexecution, Macroexecution, differed, profile)

But, I would like to provide customization for the user to switch between Microexecution, Macroexecution, differed, profile whenever needed. user is non-techinical and I am trying to provide him an option to change the column 2 values as needed. Could you please advise?

Right now, I am creating 6 charts individually for each value in column 2.


The "Options list" Input Control visualization might provide the functionality you need. You can create one of these visualizations and place it next to a chart on a dashboard. The Input Control visualization will allow the dashboard user to easily manipulate a filter that controls the data in the chart. For example:

Thanks!! tested worked.

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