Change "path.repo" value in settings without restarting cluster - is it possible?

Hi, is it possible to change "path.repo" value in settings without restarting cluster ?
I'd like to change our backups location without playing around with availability of any node.
We use Elastic 6.8.0 on Windows.


Welcome! :slight_smile:

It's not possible sorry. It's like this as a security precaution, to stop people adding in paths without the administrator being aware.

Thanks for a quick reply!
I would love to see this feature (changing settings at runtime) available through some dedicated api with required permissions.

It'd be great if you could create an enhancement request in GitHub for it, it makes total sense now we have RABC in Basic :slight_smile:

I don't think this is so simple. The reason Elasticsearch needs path.repo at startup is so it can configure the JVM security manager to allow access to those paths, and it isn't possible to reconfigure the security manager dynamically after it's been installed.

The normal approach to changing settings like this is to perform a rolling restart, which keeps the cluster alive and healthy throughout. @Yury_Kozlov can you explain in more detail why you don't want to perform a rolling restart here?


We can, but we don't want because this operation requires work overhead and we have higher priorities in our backlog.
I just thought changing backups path is a simple operation and can be easily done without any interruptions.

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