Elastic Search Snapshot Repo

i am newbie in elastic search. i have installed on my system and up 3 nodes. i have tried all CRUD operations successfully. now i am trying to register a local backup repo to take snapshot of my ealstic search container. Problem which i have encountered is i had to restart all my clusters. Kindly can you suggest me a way to reload these config changes without restarting.
thank you

The backup repo must be a shared filesystem accessible to all nodes so using local directories will not work. The path also need to be present in the elasticsearch.yml file, and when you add this a restart is required. From that point on you can manage snapshots through the APIs without restarts.

Ok sure if i have all nodes on same system then this local directory will work ? and can you give me reason behind this that why restart is required and elastic search dont look for changings in config file and update it self. thank you.

Yes. Then local directory should work.

In elasticsearch, some settings are static and some are dynamic. The dynamic settings can be updated on a running cluster using api. But static settings are configured in elasticsearch.yml file and any changes made to it need a restart for them to be effected. https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/settings.html#cluster-setting-types

thank you got it.

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