Snapshot and Restore - Cluster

Is there a way we could do a snapshot of a cluster without restarting the cluster after config changes ? please let me know.

It depends of what you mean by "after config changes".

If it's elasticsearch.yml, then no, you need to restart.

Is there a way to do backup and restore without the config changes so we do not have to restart ?

What kind of repository?

its a file system

So no. If the shared FS is not defined yet, you can't do that.

Instead of file system is there anything that i could use to accomplish without restarting the cluster ?

No. Unless you already installed plugins like azure, s3, gcs, hdfs...

if i use s3 repo , shall i do the backup and restore without restarting the cluster ?

May be.
It depends on:

  • The elasticsearch version you have
  • If the repository-s3 plugin is installed yet

What is the output of:

GET /_cat/plugins?v

BTW, what is the problem of restarting? You can do that by following the rolling upgrade procedure (without upgrading).

  1. We have elastic version 6.2.2
  2. s3 plugin not installed yet
  3. No plugins installed
  4. We are exploring ways to do backup and restore with out doing cluster restart ... if there is a possibility we shall want to do it that way

let us know if backup and restore is possible by anyways without cluster restart ...

Unless I was unclear, this is not possible.

You can export all documents though but this is not a backup as per say.

You did not answer my question BTW:

BTW, what is the problem of restarting? You can do that by following the rolling upgrade procedure (without upgrading).

would we not lose data(not a lot though) while doing rolling restart of the nodes ? also we do not want to do this on the production cluster

also even with S3 plugin we need to restart the nodes

Yes. To install the plugin.

Then under some conditions you can create a new repository without restarting even if you didn't configure the credentials. See Getting Started | Elasticsearch Plugins and Integrations [7.15] | Elastic

As long as you follow the instructions that should be ok.

Per your suggestions above - To do the steps per the url i have to install s3 plugin. which still required a restart. I understand from all the above conversation that for shard file system or s3 we require a rolling restart.

That is correct.

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