Change the default name of visualization

Hi everyone.
What I want to achieve is to preview a visualization dynamically with some predefined data.
I'm using the url to pass the values as follows:


The visualization is loaded with the defined parameters, with the exception of the title, which is always by default 'New visualization'.
So, is there a way of changing the default name of this visualization dynamically ?
I know that to change the default name, you should change this file:


but like this, all the default names of a visualisation will be changed.
Thanks in advance!

@markov00 good question. Help please? Thank you!

Unfortunately you are right, the visualization title doesn't reflect the title parameter on the URL when changed and the page reloaded. I've to check if we can directly use the title on the URL instead of using the title saved in the saved visualization object. I will be back with a possible GH enhancement request

@markov00 thanks!

Hey @markov00, any update about this topic please?

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