Changed Cluster Name - Licensing Not Working Now

Hello there,

I had a cluster which was running fine, but it was called simply "elasticsearch". I wanted to give it a more specific name, so I applied that to my helm chart (elasticsearch-dev) and restarted all of the data/master nodes. Now, Kibana is saying that there is a licensing issue with:
[security_exception] current license is non-compliant for [security tokens], with { license.expired.feature="security tokens" }

Is there some licensing implication here? Does anyone have any ideas how to successfully update a cluster name? It's left in the broken state right now.

Thank you for reading!

What type of license is the cluster supposed to have?

Changing the cluster name won't affect licensing directly. If the license did indeed change, then it probably means your cluster lost its state somehow when you made the helm change.

It is a platinum license.

We are using persistent volume claims in a k8s environment. After I reverted the cluster name back to "elasticsearch" there weren't any licensing complaints - it just worked. So, I believe the cluster state of the old cluster name still persisted on the disk, and Kibana must've been able to reach Elasticsearch (elasticsearch-dev) while it had the new name.

For now, I can keep the basic name, but I would like to figure this out for when I do have to update all of my cluster names.

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