Changed layout of coordinates (geopoint) after upgrade 7.10 to 7.15


Did an upgrade of the ELK-stack from 7.10 to 7.15 and in that jump the format of coordinates in Kibana changed

Previously it was just like any other field in the discovery view

location : 11.111 , 22.222

now its

location:{ "coordinates": [ 11.111, 22.222 ], "type": "Point" }

Anyone have an idea what happened and how can it be fixed? It looks ok when requesting the document directly via API but Kibana and csv-exports are messed up.


Do you know what are the exact problems you are seeing in Kibana because of this change?



Thank you for the response. Im not sure i understand the question.

My problem is that in version 7.10, a row in the discover-view would look like this

Field1: data1 Field2: data2 Field3: data3 Location: 11.111,22.222 Field4: data4

In version 7.15 its

Field1: data1 Field2: data2 Field3: data3 Location: { "coordinates": [ 11.111, 22.222 ], "type": "Point" } Field4: data4

Since i made the post in this forum i have found a post at Github which describes the same issue, but im not sure what the status of that issue is. Implemented and solved in february?



Hate to bump, but this is kind of a showstopper. My csv exports are not working due to this (besides the layout being generally screwed).

Someone have an idea?

The old format can be used by using the setting in the Advanced settings in Kibana, Stack management using setting: discover:searchFieldsFromSource . It defaults to false and you can set back to true causing the representation to be like it was prior to 7.12 .

discover:searchFieldsFromSource is removed in 8.0 so this solution will only work through 7.16

I have also opened this issue to create a field formatter for geo_point fields to allow users like your self to customize the display of geo_point fields without having to set discover:searchFieldsFromSource

Thank you! That was it!

Got it regarding 8.0 and hoping for a permanent solution.

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