Kibana dont recognize my field as geo_point in coordinate map view

Hi, im running in the following configuration:

log (as json) to file -> filebeat -> elasic -> kibana (as view)

here's a message for example :

{"message":"client with id:800b18bb-56d6-48a3-bc22-a3d497dcd83d updating location with:ClientData(id=null, bearing=158.84, latitude=31.914047, velocity=2.27, longitude=34.80245, clientDataType=CAR, standby=false, timestamp=1508058134)","clientId":"800b18bb-56d6-48a3-bc22-a3d497dcd83d","longitude":"34.80245","latitude":"31.914047","location":"31.914047 34.80245","geo_point":"sv8txcy2gce9","level":"INFO","thread_name":"qtp1483050851-19","class":"com.foresightautomotive.location.LocationController","logger_name":"locations","@timestamp":"2017-10-17 11:08:57.534+0300"}

as you can see i named the field geo_point and its value is geoHash of lat, lon.
for some reason kibana dont recognize this field as geo_point.

when am i doing wrong here?

** using the default filebeat.template.json

i override the filebeat.template.json file and all worked as expected.
my bad

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