Filebeat won't get geo_points field type

I have a json line of input that foes through filebeat. The line is in this format: {"first": "text", "second": "text", "@timestamp": "2021-02-25T08:54:04Z", "location": [-71.34, 41.12] }

I am trying to get the location field in the list to be a geo_points type but it seems to just make it a number. Sometimes it gets geo_points but then if I delete the index and reload info into it it goes back to being a number.
How I am doing this is with a template in filebeat.yml. It looks like this for the template section:

> setup.template.overwrite: true
> setup.template.append_fields:
>      - name: location
>        type: geo_points

This seems to no work, but if you look at my filebeat template in kibana it shows that it is geo_points. But with the data it is a number type. How do I get it to be geo_points so I can see it on a map.

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