Importing CSV into Kibana and mapping geo_point

Hello ES Community. I'm fairly new to ES/Kibana 7.5.
I have the following CSV file with 3 columns.; first_seen, last_seen and geom.

Dropbox link to the CSV file

Type of the first two columns are date and type of the third column, "geom" is geo_point with valid POINT (lon lat) format according to the ES document.


Issue is, when I import this test.csv file into the Kibana, in Advanced tab, in the mapping section, Kibana recognizes the "geom" column as keyword.

Then I re-write/change the type to geo_point as shown below:

But upon import I get the following error and end up with empty fields:

0: failed to parse field [geom] of type [geo_point]

How can I get ES/Kibana to recognize/map "geom" column as geo_point?

Thank you in advanced

Welcome @davidmgm-ES!

Just a guess, but have you tried putting the geo_point field in quotation marks?

I also see that there was an issue with the geo_point field that was fixed 7.3.1. See: However, from your comment it looks like you're on 7.5

Hi Alison,

Thank you for replying, I have figured out the solution to my own problem.
Problem was that the coordinates were in SRID EPSG:25832.

I used the ST_Transform(geom, 4326) command in PostGIS DB to transform to EPSG:4326

And exported the table as a csv and was able to correctly map the geom columns as geo_point with ES/Kibana 7.5.

Great! Glad you were able to figure it out. Thanks for sharing the solution.

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