Changing a Json term to become the timestamp


My Filebeat is reading the time that the a log file is created as the timestamp. This is a problem since it does not read every message in the log with a unique time.
What I am trying to do is to parse a json that one of its terms will become the timestamp, that I will be able to get correct graphs. (through Kibana or filebeat)

Here is an example of such a json

"msg": "Hello",
"msgSubmissionTime": "1484752676968"

Many Thanks for any one who can help

hi @tomer,

I think you'll find better luck in the Beats forum indeed: cf. Changing a term in a json to become the timestamp from filebeat

One thing you can consider in Kibana (but I wouldn't recommend it), is using a scripted field to convert that time-stamp to a date. To get started, see That way, you'll convert the time-stamp on-the-fly at query-time instead of index-time.

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