Changing a system's index mappings (during code contribution)


I'm looking into adding new indexed fields to the .logstash index (adding an is_enabled field for instance),
what's the best way to update such an index? if there are some examples of upgrading indices when a new version of elastic starts that would be great. (I saw something called Plugin.getIndexMetaDataUpgrader, but didn't see any implementations of this function, not sure if this is the right direction)


I don't think I understood the question.
What do you cal "code contribution"?
Is it a logstash question or elasticsearch?

We're trying to add the ability to turn off logstash pipelines managed by the kibana api (in x-pack central management feature),
these are stored in the .logstash index in elastic,
which has a strict mapping which prevents the addition of new fields.
these mappings are a part of the elastic code base.

I'm looking for examples of how system indices are upgraded during elastic version upgrades,
to see how you handle the addition of new fields.

Hmmm. Wondering if it's a good idea... See

Traditionally users would perform this integration by accessing the the .logstash index directly. Do not do this! The structure of this index is subject to change, which could cause your integration to break.

Why not just setting: false

Which is the default value anyway...

We wanted to see if we could enhance the central management by working on issue1 and issue2

the first one would allow disabling a pipeline without deleting it, and still allow logstash to have other pipelines managed by the stack.
I've thought of adding a switch in kibana to enable disable a specific pipeline.

I moved your question to #kibana

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