Changing a transaction type in APM Overview panel

APM Overview panel is always filtering the transaction type by the most common ones and it doesn't allow to change it.

I have 2 cases where it is not working. One is the service which has a lot of running schedulers, which I need to monitor, but still the important ones are standard http calls, which are outnumbered. Second case is a service with HTTP and JMS interfaces equally important, so I would need to have an overview of both messaging and request type on one page.

Are there an plans to improve this overview, make it configurable?

Hi there,

Which version are you on? Since at least 7.15 there should be a dropdown allowing you to change transaction type

Yes, it is already done. That is the support I like. :slight_smile:

I haven't notice such a change in release notes. So, I've still have been using older version.

Thank you.

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