Changue Colors on Kibana 7.15


I'm follow the guide to personalize kibana from ManuelF and with a some changes in the folder structure in 7.15.1 version. The changes are successful.

But now, I'm trying to change the color on the header where is the search box. I changed the same file that use when personalize the logo. But the changes not work.

I found that the class is EuiHeader but I not find the file where the CSS is configured.

Any idea?


This is part of a node_module named @elastic/eui


Finally I found the solution when I was edit the next file:

  • kbn-ui-shared-deps.v8.light.css

in the route:

  • kibana\node_modules@kbn\ui-shared-deps\shared_built_assets\

I edited this part of code.


and recompile the project according with the manual of ManuelF

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