Check empty string in nested attribute

How can I get all records from index with empty string value ("field":"")?
Example of needed document:

      "data" : {
              "owner_id" : "121213123",
              "text" : ""

I tried to use it:

curl 'localhost:9200/posts/_count?pretty' -d '
  "query": {
    "filtered": {
      "filter": {
            "nested" : {
              "path" : "data",
              "filter": {
                  "bool": {
                    "must": [
                        {"term" : { "data.text" : "" }}

BUT it doesn't work!
Help me, please.

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Have a look at exists query:

It didn't help.
Exists query finds records with "" value ((
This information is written in documentation as well.

I need to exclude records with empty-string value or find another.

so wrap the exists query in a must_not clause of a bool query.

Would that work for you?

By this case records has been found with "text":null value.
BUT I need to find records with "text":""

I see.

So you need to reindex probably.

Or may be a script which reads the _source stored field. But that will be slow.
For a one time usage, that's probably fine. If this is something you need to run everytime, change your source documents.

You can use ingest BTW to do that transformation while reindexing.

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