Find doucment with blank nested field

(Jagdish) #1

Hi, I have nested property in my index document. I want to find all documents where nested field is blank.
example: I am indexing below document, how can I search for document where contact is not available ?

  1. {"Name": John, "contact": [{"office": 1234, "home":2345 }] }
  2. {"Name": Tom }

Thanks !!!

(Isabel Drost-Fromm) #2

I think the exits/missing filters might help you here. To quote from the documentation at

When dealing with null values "The first tool in your arsenal is the exists filter. This filter will return documents that have any value in the specified field. [...] The missing filter is essentially the inverse of exists: it returns documents where there is no value for a particular field. [...] The exists and missing filters also work on inner objects, not just core types."

DELETE index

PUT index/type/1 {
    "Name": "John", "contact": [{"office": "1234", "home":"2345" }] 

PUT index/type/2 {
  "Name": "Tom" 

GET index/_search {
    "query": {
        "missing" : { "field" : "contact" }

Hope this helps you,


(Jagdish) #3

@mainec, I have tried with missing and its working fine if field is normal field. In my case contact in nested property, when I try the same query, its giving all records. Below is the query I am using, Am I doing anything wrong ?

POST index/_search
"query" : {
"filtered" : {
"filter": {
"missing" : { "field" : "contact" }

(Isabel Drost-Fromm) #4

I see - I naively assumed you were simply putting the document you supplied to the index and relied on automatic mappings. Seems like you supplied an explicit mapping beforehand then, right?

I think the information on the following github issue might help you:

Hope this helps,

(Jagdish) #5

Thanks @mainec, Yes I applied explicit mapping. Seems this is know issue.

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